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human resource strategy 

By introducing talents strategy, education training strategy, promotion strategy management, salary welfare the effective implementation of the strategy and the employer brand strategy, create a "work in xing fu, the study on development in xing xing fu, wealthy, successful in xing and" talent career development of ecological environment. 

Human resource philosophy 

Can adhere to the fair, just, open, competitive and post matching principle of choose and employ persons, with industry and the company future development, and appealing with development platform to cultivate people, with vision, goals, motivate people, with an open, inclusive, collaborative enterprise atmosphere retain people, encourage talents innovation, on a broader stage. 

Human resource objectives 

Adhere to the "people-centered" around the enterprise development, attract, develop and retain high level talented person, with the company's industry is closely related to the building structure optimization and reasonable allocation of the elite team; To form effective macro and micro human resource development and management capabilities to form a humanized and efficient management of employees at all levels; We will continue to improve the innovation and compensation and welfare system, adapt to the brand and scale of enterprises, and provide a solid guarantee for the stable cadre of employees. To shape the image of excellent employer in textile industry, construct the "learning organization" staff growth mechanism and effectively promote the common development of employees and enterprises.